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Although it is common for a plaintiff pursuing a medical malpractice case in New York to assert that the defendant acted negligently, there are significant differences between ordinary negligence and medical malpractice claims. Thus, if plaintiffs fail to produce the evidence needed to support malpractice claims, it could adversely impact their cases. A New York appellate court recently discussed the differences between ordinary negligence and malpractice in an opinion issued in a hospital malpractice case. If you suffered losses due to incompetent care you received in a hospital, it is prudent to speak to a Rochester hospital malpractice lawyer to evaluate your potential causes of action.

The Plaintiff’s Harm

It is alleged that the plaintiff visited the defendant hospital with symptoms of a stroke. Diagnostic testing revealed she did, in fact, suffer a stroke, and she was prescribed a medication which was to be administered via infusion, with 10% dispensed over the first minute and the remaining 90% over the next hour. The nursing administered the medication improperly programmed the machine, however, to administer 10% per minute for the first eleven minutes. The mistake was discovered and rectified after about three minutes. The plaintiff began exhibiting signs of distress shortly thereafter, however, and the following day testing revealed she still had clots in her brain.

It is reported that the plaintiff ultimately suffered aphasia and diminished comprehension.  She filed a lawsuit against the defendant, alleging it was liable for both medical malpractice and ordinary negligence. The defendant moved for summary judgment, and the court denied the motion. The defendant then appealed. Continue reading

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